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"Framed within a border reminiscent of a Polaroid camera, Olivia Durley’s paintings are each embedded with connotations of the transient nature of time. The border becomes a device inducing the same implications as photography – that of capturing the fleeting: a moment past. The quick, fleshy, paint rushes over the canvas contained only by the frame which seeks, like a photograph, to contain it for longevity. Inspired by romantic themes, Durley’s work can be viewed through the lens of Joseph Görres who in 1802 wrote that the landscape painting extends the sphere of the painter “up to the furthest mists of the horizon, and the imagination bathes gladly in the distant airy blue.” The paintings have a duality which captures both the feeling and inspiration felt by the landscape painter and the precious, fleeting, experience of those moments."

 N E W  B L O O D  A R T  ,  2 0 1 7



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